I recently graduated from the University of Virginia in May 2018, with a B.S in physics. I am now taking a gap year between undergraduate and graduate school to continue research. My research interests are in Condensed Matter Theory, specifically topological phases and non-equilibrium dynamics. I have spent the last year working with an undergraduate research group at UVA studying bilayer graphene under Jeffery Teo. Recently, I have began working for another condensed matter theorist studying non-equilibrium dynamics and statistical physics. Outside of physics, I enjoy studying abstract algebra and topology, and I am fascinated by their applications in physics. During my time at UVA, I was an executive board member of both the Math Club and the Society of Physics Students. In particular, I built the website for the Society of Physics Students and I encourage students to take advantage of the resources I made available. I am an avid triathlete and spend a considerable amount of time at the gym running, cycling, swimming, and competing in races several times a year. I have also spent the last four years practicing the drum set, and I enjoy making music.